Monday, February 22, 2010

Will Winter Ever End?

Check out this photo from MySpace!She forgot to flush - AHHHHHH!

The training has been going good. Trying to keep to the schedule and I have really enjoyed the weights part of it - I thought I would hate it - but it has become a painful pleasure. I also got my power readings -
Functional Threshold Power = 215 watts
Zone 1 active recovery <118 watts
Zone 2 aerobic 120 – 161 watts
Zone 3 tempo 163 – 194 watts
Zone 4 lactate threshold 196 – 226 watts
Zone 5 VO2max 228 – 258 watts
Zone 6 anaerobic capacity 260 – 323 watts
Zone 7 neuromuscular power MAX POWER (>325+)
a little low from what I thought they would be - but I hate doing this stuff inside. I do not know if my numbers were right, but at least it is a place to start.

I got to admit I am tired of riding inside - Tuesday Night Hub spin has gotten huge and co-ed. Judy has been coming which has been really cool.

I decided to bail on Froze Toes. Too far to drive to little of a race - oh well. I am debating about Dogwood but Forest Park Crit is 100 percent a go!

Last Saturday was the first great day all winter. After lifting weights at SEG, I went out for a nice long ride to Saint Albans with about 12 Gizz Swallow guys all kitted out. They laid down a killer pace as we went out Wild Horse Creek to Ossenfort - by the time of the hill, I was smoked and started to drop off. That sucked because I was kitted in Hub, but I was smoked from the 2 hours of weights and plyos - hey, I did over 200 lateral cone hops - and that was just a fraction of it! It was a great ride and it felt great to be out. While we were headed out I took a couple of turns at the front and the Gizz Swallow guy behind me says "I'm glad no one is taking pictures - one Hub guy pulling 12 Gissallo guys!" That felt pretty cool.

The best part of the winter has been Isabella - She joined the Team Rev Frostbike Mountain Bike - and has loved riding! Man - 8 years old and out hitting the trails - even in the snow!
She rocks.