Sunday, January 24, 2010

winter has been sucking for me

This winter has just sucked for - little motivation.
It has consisted of riding inside - and going out.

So here is the re-cap:

Spinning: I have really tired to keep to my training schedule - riding in the basement just sucks.
Spinning at The Hub is a little better.

Going Out - I swear, I have been outside riding maybe three times since the new year. Last week was my longest ride - I started with The Hub and broke out and rode to OTF in Chesterfield. I was planning on riding back home but I was way behind on time and Phil drove me home. We have only had one outside ride and no after school rides! AHHH! I did not ride yesterday because I was so fucked up and I did not ride today because of football and I felt like a lazy ass.

The Other Going Out: I bunch of us (Devin, Ron, Andy, Loren, Matthew, Kate) met last Wed. at the Roadhouse to watch Kevin jam with David's Guitar Loft. He rocked. Kevin played Sultan's of Swing and Moby Dick (I felt awkward when Kevin gave me a shout-out before the second song!)
Friday night I met up with Loren, Andy and Alex, with the wives to see Sarah Borges at a bar in Maplewood. All I know is I got really ripped and missed weights and riding! Oh yeah - check this out - Loren met his doppleganger:
A big Shout out to my kids - not only did we have one nice day to get out and ride - but Grace rode for the 1st time with no training wheels!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Knocked down

The holidays have come and gone - and man am I feeling it.

First Christmas: See the bikes! Judy's new Scott and Bella's new Kona - Nice.
The big present leaning against Judy's bike is a poster of Mark Cavendish for her office at work. She admires him for all of his wins - or something like that. (why does my wife always stare at the center point of the photo?) Hey - I don't mind. If she gets Cavendish, than I can have Julie Krasniak! All's fair.
A better picture of her.
Travel - Chicago - Went to Garmin store and missed Christian VandeVelde by one day promoting the new Garmin Edge 500.
I did the see window homage to him!

Cycling - Ahhh. now there's the problem. Well the holidays and travel left me with no riding. OK a week off - not the end of the world. While people around me are talking about their commitment to the bike - I'm off and kicking back. I return on Friday just in time to get really sick. Do not know what hit me - but it did - big time. I went to Off The Front on Sat. for weights and out for a quick bite with Phil - and than Bam - I was out with a fever. I missed Sunday, Monday... I was going to ride at The Hub tonight but was not feeling up to it. Tomorrow I will spin.

Bill has high expectations for me - so I must deliver. The Hub has the be strong - all the guys going to this coach of from Ghissalo - mostly cat 4's!!!!! Yeah - I know them all. They are a good bunch of guys - but when it's race time - it's on!