Sunday, October 18, 2009

To Hurl or not to Hurl - that was the question?

It had been forever since my last post - so...Let's JUMP to it!

Nothing memorable to write in the two weeks except it has been unseasonably cold and rainy here n St. Louis - and with that comes a huge degree of illness. My Wife - sick as a dog - my kids became sick - and somehow I have survived, barely - never sick, though never 100 percent.

Over the two weeks, I have commuted every Monday and Wednesday to work - I really like this - even in the cold and rain.

I missed riding after work on Tuesday and Thursday - we had some night duties and when we got the chance, it was pouring.

The one memorable event was riding the Maplewood Night ride. I rode with Judy, Stephanie and Cory. Judy and I left about 5 min early to make sure we got up Southwest and then waited fro the group. We missed a turn, but caught the group on Broadway. These people on the ride were dicks! The four of us were the only sane people there. These guys blew through stop lights and were pricks to us. When Judy and I arrived, no one said hi and they were looking me up and down - fuckwads. To top it all off, Around Kingshighway, Judy had a flat. Nobody waited! Yes, in the middle of the city in the middle of the night one a supposedly no drop ride, nobody waited. Three guys even had to balls to ask - do you guys have everything - to which I replied - yes and then they rode off! As the passed Steph and Cory - they said - don't worry, they have everything, to which Cory replied - and they have friends who wait! What a douche bag group of riders. I changed the flat and we rode back. I have heard Maplewood is canceling the ride.

OK - the biggy - for me Cross racing has begun. Admittedly I suck at this. For some reason (my fat over-weight ass) I can never push as hard as others. I really have fun doing it - I do wish I could do better - so I'll let that be.

BUBBA #1 Night Cross - Faust Park.

*The weather - cold, it even sprinkled during the day.

*The ground, like soup (I stoped once at the run-up because I thought I must have a flat).

*The course - If there was a flat section - I must have been delirious and missed it. The best part was this super steep run-up with a 180, down to a 90 degree into a steep hill around a corner and into another hill.

*The degree of pain - for me this was the hardest cross race hands down. For me finishing it was a victory. There were more than a few drop-outs including a few guys stopping to puke in the woods. SOme didn't even do that. I came up the run-up and saw Yo-Yo standing at the top puking-up telling me to go by.

*The performance by me - not good. I honestly thought I would do better. I know I'm not good at this, but come-on. Robert asked me before the race why I wasn't doing the C race - good fucking question. I really just wanted to race with people I know and at night. The C race was during the day. Also, I thought I would do better than I did. My lungs felt horrible and so did my body. In cross, as hard as I push - I just don't seem to go fast. I don't get it. Oh well. I d enjoy the atmosphere and racing with people I like. I do not know if I will continue on the B race or drop to the C's. It really depends on who is racing. Cross for me is all about the spirit of fun.

*The aftermath - I didn't know they ended the damn race and I did one more lap than I needed to - WTF - the whole race I never could find the lap cards or anything. I was not alone in this. When I got back to car, my lungs were so full of snot I thought I was going to vomit. I kept saying I feel sick and Bill and Heine finally told to shut-up or I was going to make them sick! We got back to the start and had good chili, a brat and beer while we rooted on Devin and Alex. German is an animal. He stayed with Josh Johnson the entire race and finished second. It was awesome to watch. It should be a great year for him. Watching him race, he could go pro he was that good.

*The goals - well, I couldn't race today - family and I had the back stairs to finish (which turned out nice) - so my goals are to push forward. I hope to show up at the Thursday practice at Forest Park - man, I need it!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dorothy, we're not in Kansas!

(This thing was in the middle of nowhere - the stange shit you see)

Monday - Commuted to work in a super strong wind - felt good. I really like commuting at night.

Tuesday - rode after work with Michael and Jeff for about 20 miles- felt good. Came up to the light at Lindbergh and Clayton and while we were waiting a hot looking MILF pulled up next to us in a brand new 135i BMW convertible. Michael said something about the make of the car and she heard and started a small talk conversation. Michael said, "Well, that's a good looking car." To which I added, "and you look pretty good in it." Michael than said, "Yeah, the contents aren't bad either." Just than the light turned and she liked giggled and gave us one of those waves and she sped off - you could tell the chick was flattered. We were cracking up. I guarantee there is some fat out of shape fuck living in some big Ladue house who got laid that night and was wondering what the hell came over my wife on a Tuesday! Well, you should thank us, you fat ass.

Wednesday - Commuted my 25 miles

Thursday and Friday - No riding

Saturday - Ok here it goes. Judy did her 5 century's and earned her Jersery. I committed to ride them with her, except one when I was in Kentucky. I do the last one and get the Jersey - Oh, hell yeah. Sandy Creek. 100 lovely and hilly miles in Jefferson County. I did this 4 years ago and they have radically changed and eased the course. Don't get me wrong, it was still a lot of climbing, but it was really doable. The last time, it was 109 miles, in 100 degree heat and had way more fucked up Jefferson County hills - only 30 people (me being one of them) finished. I swear, when I finished that ride I was crying in pain. This time around was not as bad. I counted 8 ball-buster, true Jefferson county hills - you know the messed up - out of control grades. The rest of the ride was nice rollers. I met up with Jeff from work and we decided to ride the first 64 miles together. We had a blast - how could you not, it's Jefferson County, home of Meth and wacknutsWe jammed out the pace and passed people like crazy - we also passed all the rest stops. On the 3rd and last rest stop, the guy told us we were numbers 2 and 3. After lunch, Judy showed up and rode the last 36 miles with me. I swear I thought the first 64 easier than the last 36. Judy started out slow but really picked herself up. It turned out to be a perfect amount of miles for her and it was great riding with her. This was my favorite ride with her this year and she did a great job - this her first taste of Jefferson County! The best part of the ride was this dead skunk in the middle of the road 50 yards from the finishYeah, I bunny hopped the thing! (Don't tell PETA)