Saturday, March 27, 2010


First all - Want to welcome back to the cycling scene two very good friends!
First - a celebrity of this shitty blog - Andy Berger!
Andy had not one - but a duel hernia operation - OUCH! He got the hernias (plural) from having too much extra-curricular fun. I told him today he needs a trapeze for the bedroom.
Second - Michael Rawitscher!
Michael had major shoulder surgery - OUCH! He also got that from too much extra-curricular fun. However - instead of a trapeze - Michael needs a sling because he only uses his arm.

Just joking - Come on - Lighten the f- up!

Riding - Good weather has returned!

*Started riding after schoolwith Jeff, Michael and Bryan Sauter who has been coming up!
*Rode the HUB ride for the first time this year. This ride has been very typical of the start of this year. The pace was pretty wicked fast. When we hit Conway I was sitting fine and then the group kindof broke apart. I got stuck behind someone who was gassed and got pinched in - that was it - I was playing catch-up. With the help of Matthew, I caught the main group by the return trip on the outer-road. We hit the first hill at a nice slow pace allowing me to catch some breath but the second hill the pace picked way up - straight into the head wind which was super strong. I was sitting in the middle of group but I was hurting bad - I was really pissed at myself - I should of pushed myself harder - but I caved in. The minute I hit the wind my speed dropped by more than a third - they were gone. I could always see them for awhile as I struggled on my own. Jeff caught up with me and we rode in at a nice but aggressive pace. AHHHH!
*Tuesday Nite Worlds #1 - Number 42 is in the housefor all you horny chicks who want to come out a cheer me on! - which would basically be my wife and I'm not sure how horny she is - but it's my blog so I'll be as fictitious as I want.
Rode the first crit of the year - which was awesome. Met up at the Hub with Kevin and Bryan and rode down. In attendance for the B race was Me, Kevin, Bryan, Adam, and Robert. The best part was riding around with everyone all kitted up - it felt great to be back out. During the race I was aggressive and up-front for most of the race - I missed the break - it was on the left side and I was pinched in on the front - about 7 or 8 back - I could not go. This break held some big guns - and I knew it had a good chance to stick - and it did. I was behind Robert and we went off the front to get away - this failed and I found myself out in no-man's land - I was suffering - and fell on the back - but there were some slow fucks breaking even into the turn (no wonder they are on the back) and I was smoked and could not catch my breath - Robert sat on my wheel. After about three laps - there were two to go and I fell off - just like the Sat Hub ride - Shit. Bryan finished 1st in the pack sprint.
*Tuesday Nite Worlds #2 - I felt really tired and I took my sister out for BBQ at Pappy's and my belly was full! Put those two together and you have a suck-ass race. Left the HUb with Kevin, Bryan, Andy and Tim. The pace was wicked fast - a non-stop hammer fast - the speed never let up. In attendance - Kevin, Bryan, Bill, Robert, Stephanie (sorry if I forgot anyone) and a new guy Justin. I started out fine, but my stomach soon started to hurt. Also, I had no push out of the turn. After about 15 min I thought I was going to puke and I dropped out - SHIT this is becoming a 2010 pattern. I am writing this outing off. Kevin finished 5th. A large group rode back - that was fun.

Tomorrow is one of my favorite crits - Forest Park - however there is an 87% chance of T-Storms and based on my current feelings, I might pass. My biggest concern is nutrition - I need to drop some LBS!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hello Once Again Franks - You Dirty Behemoth Bitch

It's good to get outside once again!
Friday - partied with Team Rev Grand Cru club. It was fun. I was given the name Seaman Chris.

Saturday - Solo ride outside after weights - was pretty cold but it felt good. DId Wild Horse Creek to Ossenfort to HWY T to St. ALbans and than back - or I should say up - Melrose and back.

Sunday - I rode inside

Monday - took day off

Tuesday - Spun at the Hub. Good times - I think we are at the end. A lot of people showed up and it was quite the party at the end. Judy was sporting the new Hub Team t-shirt (over her awesome big tits!). If you want one, let me know. They are back-ordered and quite in demand! (her boobs, not the t-shirt).

Wednesday - OH yeah! Scream it baby - I finally started to commute to Harris Stowe again. It was a great ride down - tail wind all the way with a nice temp. I saw my good friend Michael R talking with some smoking hot chick - He was "walking the dog"
Coming home was nice but pretty cold.

Thursday - no riding but I did go to The Hub for a little POKER! I made it farther than I have ever before - down to the final table - I lost in the most shitty of ways - but that is luck. Got home way to late - around 1:30 - and a little buzzed - made for a rough start in the morning.

Friday - went on a nice ride with Judy after we got home - rode up Ballas and made her suffer.

Saturday - AH - the ride of pain. 80 miles of gut wrenching pain. The ride:
Parked at Gizz Swallow
to Wild Horse Creek
up Ossenfort (saw the Gizz Swallow ride - looked small
Fox Creek
through Eureka to Pacific
Hwy F (for Fuck)
Hwy FF (for Fat Fuck)
to Hwy PP/Twin River Road
Franks (Fucking Hard) I looked down at one several points and Franks had a grade of 27 percent at one point!
When I stopped to take this picture I almost could not get started!
Jim Weber (Fucking hard)
back Hwy W
to 109 through Eureka
Forby Rd/Alt (Fucking Hard)
HWY 109
Melrose (Fucking Hard)
back to Ossenfort
Wild Horse Creek
and back to Gizz Swallow!

On a side note - I swapped out my powertap in the Zipp and put it in my Reynolds - should be ready early next week. I also got a used Zipp Hub to rebuild the wheel.

Also Judy and Isabella finished their Frostbike ride
- Thanks to Team Rev and Suzanne for helping them!