Friday, March 18, 2011

Oh Piss!

Fun times on the bike this past two weeks. Daylight savings has made a nice switch for the evenings - summer is around the corner! How do you like the song - a nice touch for the old blog.

Started our Tuesday/Thursday rides in high gear. Michael joined us for one ride, which was awesomeso nice to see that cat again. Rich joined Jeff and I for a ride to FoPo to pre-ride the race course. FoPo is this weekend, but I don't think i am ready for racing. First, I feel a little out of shape - I think I am going to ease into it with TNW crits which started. I had to miss the first one because of parent teacher conferences for my kidos - so I am looking forward to next week. Second - I have no money - $25 - $30 dollars is too much - I have to start picking my races carefully.

Last Saturday the Hub ride was huge - more than 30 plus people on the ride - a very coed group. The ride turned really fast as we were going down Clayton. This one dude near the front hit a pot-hole in the dead center of the road and his handlebars flipped sideways - a good 25 plus mph crash. He went right over the bars and took out Tim pretty hard. This was a front of the pack crash and we were lucky that not more went down. So four cop cars and one ambulance and one firetruck responded, shutting down half of Clayton Road. The one dude really messed himself up, broken collar bone, separated shoulder, 4 broken ribs. Tim was OK, but still went to the hospital because he was really out of it. The ride actually turned into a nice paced ride for the rest of the day.

On Sunday Isabella and I did a little mountain biking - which was a blast. She is getting really good - I need to get her some real shoes and pedals.

Finally, did a little poker night at The Hub - good times. I lost - fuck!