Sunday, December 20, 2009


Man - where to start... Ryan - talked with Eric and he wants to hire you as the mascot for Bunny Cunt! With all those hunters today - you're lucky it's deer season.
*Started with my coach - so far great stuff. Above all it has really made me think about everything - from food to riding - a complete picture. I have started keeping a daily journal of everything. This week the plan was:
Mon - spin 45 min.
Tues - spin 45-90 min - 3X120 in/out sprints
Wed- Spin
Thurs - 2(3X30) sprints
Fri - rest
Sat - 30 - 60 min (hill heater intervals)
Sun - Volume/race simulation

Mon - spinning inside to the Family Guy!
Tuesday - Spinning at The Hub. - I did not follow the tape but did my drills - It's easier to ride with peopleand a beer afterwards always rocks.
Thursday - Unbelievable weather - mid 50's for December. Rode after-school with Jeff. A nice longer ride - did my intervals. That night, decided to keep the riding going by doing our night ride with Rock, Joe and Andy Berger! - rode the Maplewood route - it was awesome to be outside!
Saturday - Went to Off the Front for weight training.
I'm telling you - this was an ass kicker! I think I used muscles not used....ever? It felt great - Chris said I would be sore in about 48 hours - well - it's just about 48 hours and he is pretty much right on! I am in fucking pain!
Saturday night was the HUB PARTY! I arrived late due to a little Christmas shopping - when I arrived the party was in full swing
what I mean is beer - a lot of beer - a keg...coolers... you know shit loads of beer. The beer pong table was totally cool. Everybody was in attendance - the party was rocking. Positives - seeing everybody:
The party lasted until the wee hours - I got home at two o'clock. The party was truly a blast. The tire changing contest took the party to new heights ending in a great shrimp fight from the first to the second floor and Ron getting bit by Lendell. Many people were hurting the next day - for sure.
Sunday - It was on the Donkey Kong's dick - That's right CX-MAS! Year two - bring it on (hey - at least it wasn't 7 degrees!) Rode out with El Cavano and following was Devin, Bitch Tits and Devin's buddy. Was this going to be exciting - hell yeah - going down the highway - Devin pulls along side and yells to look backwards - my bike had flown off loren's rack and was hanging by a bungie cord. After putting the bike back on - out to Lost Valley. The Hub was well represented - In attendance was El Cavano, Devin (last year's runner-up because he throws a Huffy like a pussy), BitchTits, Heine in the bunny suit, Rock, Robert and Nate. I was blown away by the numbers - final count was almost 140 riderscrazy! I saw the usual people and many I have not seen in years - this was awesome. The ride was fantastic - some single track, but mostly double track and gravel roads. The biggest problem was a lot of ice. We started by getting call ups and then the race was on. Devin had to start out on a Huffy until the first checkpoint. we all started and as we headed down the first of the single track - going straight down hill, Devin and BT's friend wiped out right in front of me by going over the bars - he cracked his helmet - and he popped up sitting as I was headed right for him I slammed my breaks - but I have real cross brakes (Spooky with Malhaussen pads) and stopping was not an option, so I bailed into a baseball slide and slid right into him. If I had bailed I would have wrecked hard by t-boning him. I got right up and was like - are you OK? He was not. BT was right there and after a short stop - Joe and I headed off to tell the guys at the first checkpoint - scary stuff - but going down was really common. Going into the first checkpoint, my bike slid right from under me and I landed hard for my second down - luckily it was on my left side (the same side as I did the first time) because although the crash did not hurt - on the ice, my guts on my bike would have been trashed. Also - Carrie Cash was right there to see this and heckled me something good. My left thigh is killing me!
Obstacles - Freaking awesome - 1st stop involved a PBR slam. 2nd stop involved a shot of Jim Beam and a slice of bacon.3rd stop included eggnog - the winner drank 15 cups of eggnog! I could only muster 2.
The ride was great - I rode with Loren and Joe Jr. from Mesa. We had a nice and easy pace and overall did pretty good. The scenery was beautiful with the snow. This ride was one to remember - And Devin won! A kickass trucker hat!
Heini - quit taking pictures of me taking pictures of you!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Winter and Christmas gifts

Well - winter has set in - Christmas is around the corner - miss the mild temps - Where did Global Warming Go!!!!! I like that stuff!

With winter comes spinning at The Hub:Always fun - always beer afterwards.

Other highlights included Highway 40 with the family:

And a trip to go to Cat 3 Hubber Eric Seaver and his band Bunny Cunt:
They were awesome - or I was really drunk - or both!

Christmas and biking go hand in hand - so after I signed a paycheck over to Ron here it goes:

The one kid: Kona Hula - SWEET! (Too bad the younger one always gets the clothes and the bike hand-me-downs)

The Wife: Scott CR1 Team - nice bike!

Me: Chris King "mango" headset for the Jake the Snake, Lizard Skin orange tape, and a "mango" Salsa Seatpost clamp and a WCS Carbon Seatpost. Soon to come - "mango" spacers and Chris King "mango" bottom bracket! This is one pimp bike.

And - I bought a person! Not like that!
Chris Maleski and Off The Front Coaching. I'm pretty excited about this - beginning tomorrow! I will become a stud!