Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Lift in Spirits

Just for the record, Bridal-plasty is one fucked up show - and yet I am watching it...WHY? I want a reunion show - after all these chicks get a total plastic-surgury make-over - they are going to go home a look at the fat fuck they were supposed to marry when they were fat, ugly and flat-chested and be like - I'm out of league, loser - a split up with them!

An outdoor century spread over four days!

This week has been awesome - I gotta tell you, not riding outside for almost a month really sucks. It can turn a little depressing. I was thinking about Naples, Florida - this is their race season - riders are prime form - and as I sit here, we are under a winter storm warning and are expecting 14 inches of snow with a half of inch of ice and a temp of zero. That is why this week was so nice!

Tuesday night - spin at The Hub and beer afterwards.

Thursday Night - NIGHT RIDE! Rode with Andy, Alex, and Joe. Left The Hub and did a tour around Forest Park - a nice two hour ride - probably about 25 miles. (I know, crappy pic - why did I not get a phone with a flash?) The temp was in low 30's but felt great. At about 10:00, when we were riding back, about two blocks from the shop, a cop in an unmarked car was waiting on a side street by a stop sign. Nobody was around, not a single car, but luckily Alex saw him and motioned for all of us to come to a stop. We came to a complete stop, going so far as to unclip and put a foot down. When was started up, the cop went on his loud-speaker and said, "WOW, I'm impressed guys!"

Friday - got home and temp was in the high 40's- so I did the hour of power - about 18 miles - nice easy paced ride on my cross bike. I rode down Ballas - that road is gone - it is such disrepair.

Saturday - Hub Ride. A big group - at least 12-15 guys! It was nice to see everybody out - even Ryan Heine was there. It was a moderate to fast ride. The moderate part I could handle, the fast part - ouch! Although I never got "dropped", there were a few times that I was off the back for a spot or two - but was always able to get back on. Early mornings, before breakfast and caffeine, kill me - I have no energy. We came home on Geyer - Thank God no Ballas.

Sunday - Went to the Mid-West Swap Sale! Had no money, but - hey, why not. The Goodies - nothing "big" - there was some nice stuff, a lot of wheels, but no money - so... Judy and I picked up eight 42mm Giant tubes for $3.00 a pop - three 60mm Micheline Ultra-lite tubes - six hand warmers (6 for $1) - A guy was selling something like 8 CO2 tubes for $10 - Judy bought a simple Planet Bike light (front and back) for $25 - reg. $50 - and I bought a NiteRider light for $40 (I really have been needing a light for commuting and our night rides).

When I got back, I went for a ride with Andy, Ron, L.C., Alex, Tyler and David. It was so nice to be out.

4 days, over 100 miles - OK, back to the snow!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Happy New Year!

My apologies to my loyal fans who actually give a shit about my cycling career - I can't believe I went a month without updating this crappy blog. This winter truly sucks - so much indoor - so little outdoor. As I sit here, we have seven inches of snow outside with more falling. Great sledding, but too much time spent goofing around and not enough time road on the road. Even my commuting is on hiatus.

The riding:

I was able to get out Dec. 31 - so here is the last pic of 2010 (a nice solo ride, about 40 miles) and I was able to get out Jan1 - so here is the first pic of the new year (a really nice ride with Phil and a bunch of ladies of Team Rev)!
The most of the time I have been indoors - hitting Club Fitness or riding the trainer. The cool thing is I have perfected riding the rollers with no hands - now all i have to do is master the rollers while playing Playstation! Tuesday and Saturday at The Hub - some days after school, some days in the basement. The cool thing is I have perfected riding the rollers with no hands - now all i have to do is master the rollers while playing Playstation! I also managed to get out with Isabella to Castlewood to do a little mountain biking - great times.

I am really looking forward to my new bike - Giant TCR Advanced - it is so kick ass and getting some nice track wheels for my track bike. I was just fitted by Greg at The Hub for my new bike. Dave Smith also put together a new travel kit for the Hub travel team. I can't say I am going to be traveling much, but the jersey is pretty bad-ass so I sucked it up and bought one. How cool is this. I hope Dave thinks traveling is the other side of River Des Peres to Tuesday Night Crits! I also finally got my rear Zipp 404 up and running after a year of it sitting idol at The Hub. Now I know why it took so long for me to get the fucking wheel!

Over the month my cycling and party have converged on Ultraman! with Phil and Stephanie - man, did they kick ass. The concerts are rocking this year - up next, I'm thinking Motorhead, Clutch and Valiant Thorr and Borean Dusk, both in Feb. We also had poker night at The Hub - Ron Clipp actually won the night and Devin went out twice - now that is fucked up. And to put a crown on the month - The Hub snow ride. This is one of epics of the year! 7 inches of fresh snow, mountain bikes and bars - what more do you want. We took off at 8:30 - rode around the hood, played no touch and did some snow tricks on some stairs and than headed to "suicide hill" - a super steep hill with some wicked moguls - we showed up on our bikes, people flipped out, a few people said, I'm getting my video camera out for this - and than we rode down. Then to top it off, Devin rode up - That is a Cat 1, Expert class dude! We hit cousin Hugo's for a few pitchers and than headed to Weber's for 8 more! I got home a 2:00, of course woke up the wife, so everytime I started to fall asleep, she hit me with a pillow - pretty funny!!!

Oh yeah - TUMMYSTICKS is where two gay guys lay their dicks on each other's stomachs - now I not to sure how that exactly works - Rock and Dave tried to show us on the snow ride after they took each other down in no touch! - but I still don't get it!