Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween on Two Wheels

Ah - the taboo costumeIf Buddy saw this he would be like - Oh No you diddin't! No hand-ups at Bottleworks!

Ah - The naughty costume Major cleavage and thigh-high stockings - NICE!

Ah - The honest costumeI can not tell a lie - I really suck at cyclocross!

Rode last Saturday on the Hub ride - saw the return of Ryan Heini - so obviously it was fast.
I have been struggling on this ride as of late and this, coupled with my cross riding has left me a little discouraged - but I felt strong and I was able to keep the pace - getting up front a time or two. I was one of only 6 at the end, which felt good - Avg. 19.6 for October - WTF

On Wednesday, Judy had her Team Rev costume ride - which is always a fan favorite - seeing the Mrs. ride around the Lou in thigh-highs showing the cleavage - what more can one say but NICE! Instead of the ride, I opted to ride with Phil and we put in a really nice 45 miles on a beautiful Oct. night. After the ride, we went back to the Bottleworks for a little libations, food and girl on girl on girl boob-grabbing- NICE!

Raced on Saturday Night in the Boo-ba cross race. I had a blast. It was a fast course with a super hard sand run - I can't tell a lie - it was tough, tough, tough. Obviously I sucked, but it was fun. I "earned" a dollar hand-up! Partied afterwards and until the wee hours of the night! In our race was Bryan and Caleb - on the SS in our race was Greg, Robert and Erik. I will only be doing four races this year with Suson, Queeny and Concordia to go.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Feeling Like Fall

To all my loyal followers - sorry for the hiatus -life is busy.

So far, my cycling seems to be sliding. It seems to be getting faster and I seem to be getting slower. I'm not quite sure why - but I will keep plugging away. The Saturday rides are killing me - and I am not quite sure why. It seems like I tire out so fast. I think I am going to the doctor and have him run some blood work on me - also, a little EPO would be OK too.

You can't beat this shit - Rich Whitney (Green Party) is running for Governor of Illinois.About 5,000 ballots were misprinted in urban Chicago and they read - "Rich Whitey" - Yeah - black people in urban Chicago are going to be voting for Rich Whitey!

Cross has been a blast. Bubba series has started and I am excited. I could not do the first weekend - night cross and the Dawn of Bubba. I was never going to do Sunday's race, but I was all set to race Saturday night - fortunately plans turned and I had a nice date night with my wife - trust me, better than cyclocross! Although I have only raced once, I have enjoyed the practice. Matthew and I have been going Tuesday nights to Steger and Thursday nights to Forest Park. Both Bryan and Chris Miller have joined the cross scene - which is totally cool. The past week and this week I have had to cancel Steger and go to Forest Park on Tuesdays. The courses are so much fun. Aside from commuting, riding with Jeff and The Hub ride on Sat. my cycling has been really consistent.

Last weekend, Judy and I did the Ride the Rivers Century. I was outfitted in a Team Rev Jersey and rode with about 15 women. It was a really easy paced ride and I enjoyed the hell out it. The route was awesome - starting in St. Charles - going through the city to Alton and Grafton and than back. The temp was super hot - 94 degrees for October and the heat beat down my poor red-headed wife - bummer. We made it to mile 75 before we had to call it a day. Although we didn't quite hit the 100 mile mark, I had a blast.

On a final note - the track bike is going great - almost finished. I just got my seatpost from ebay - a smoking deal - a 27.0 Campy Nuevo Record for $40.00. Can't wait to have it completed.