Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sucking Ass

Man, this last week has been a series of days in which I have sucked ass. Bike riding has taken a back seat to life. Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon = no riding. Tuesday night I did spin at The Hub and then back to sucking ass Wed, Thurs, Fri = no riding. And to top it off - I had to bail on Froze Toes because it's my mother's birthday. While the team will be battling in Columbia, I will be sitting in church.

My plan - I will be focusing on Forest Park Crit - March 15. I love this course - it is my type of race. Every year I have done well and have been a player in this race. 4 weeks away - I will be ready.

Big props to the Hubbers who went to the Valley of the Sun Stage race in Phoenix. Representing The Hub was Dave Thackery, Devin Clark, Bryan Sauter, Chris Miller, and Dave Smith. They said it was a great race and needs to be a Hub focus for next year. I did hear that passing out while rooming with Chris and Dave is not a good thing - at least that what Bryan has said!

Will ride Saturday looking forward to it.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Atomic Cowboy wrap-up = Hell

Really short - will add a picture when they are posted -
Here is the picture of my sucking ass

This thing sucked. I mean really sucked. It was an uphill 3:00 sprint on one of those computer simulation trainers - no warm up - and right after I had a chicken wrap, chips, and a SkullSpliter beer!

No I did not puke. Yes, I came close. Now, I'm going to bed.
Oh, those trainer simulators are amazing. I so want one. It might make indoor riding bearable.

I love Global Warming!

Shorts in February! Enough said.
In response to one of my peeps - Knucklehead was awesome. Props go out to fellow Hubbers Bergermeister, Matthew, Kevin, and Bryan, Eddy, Mark and Mark. The ride was a nice pace through the valley and was opened up by Bulldog Mark on the big hill in the valley. Another Mark (too many f'ing Marks!) from Velo Force was second in line and I was third. I started to come around him and busted up laughing as I came around him he was yelling, "Son of a bitch!" at the pace. I lost Mark's wheel as he pulled away - luckily Bryan came around me and we bridge back to the Bulldog!

The pace was nice and easy, albeit fast, to the end. A fun ride.

Yesterday was a monster ride day for me. Rode about twenty miles, in shorts with no warmers, with the crew from work. I fun ride with some sprint points - all won by Michael - Dick. Later that night, I rode the Maplewood urban night ride. Pretty fast for that group I thought - I made a point to make it to the top of Southwest Hill first - suckas! I rode with Hub racers Bergermeister, El Cavano, Bryan, and Stephanie (blog follower). The temp at night was around 65 degrees (I know, its Feb. - WTF) so I put out a post to see who wanted to roll rather than spin at The Hub. The thought of spinning when it was that nice out made we want to punch myself in the balls. Needless to say - after loads of shit from Ron (no I am not re-starting Dent Wizard Race Team) we left them to spin themselves into submission. No photos from both rides - I forgot my phone :(

So a recap - Thursday - 20 miles, Friday - 20 miles, Sat. - 30 miles, Sun. - 45 miles
Tuesday - 40 miles = 155 miles in Feb - Insane.

Tonight I am headed to the Urban Cowboy with Judy to do the indoor power races - what the hell!

I am headed for fun the Chicago - So, no riding until Monday - all that riding and then...none - with Froze Toes a week away.

Before I leave - Good Luck to all the Hubbers going to race in Phoenix. My advice, if you get lapped, take out the lead guy and stand over him with your middle fingers extended and say - "That's how we do it in the Lou!"

Peace out.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

It's February - And I'm riding in my Speedo!

We can go from zero degrees to 70 in 2.21 days!

Man was this weekend awesome - and needed. I was going fucking apeshit staring at my front wheel on my rollers. We even had to can our Mon.-Wed. rides because of ice. But not this weekend. So - the highlights:
The first Master props go to my wife - she commuted both Thursday and Friday. When she left for work on Thursday it was 18 degrees (My wife can kick my nuts!) In addition she "earned" her Frostbike t-shirt and she wears it with deserved pride.
The second piece of action was my riding after work with Michael and Jeff L. both Thursday and Friday - Nothing like peddling about 50 miles outside in Feb.

And to cap it off was this morning on The Hub ride. You could feel the energy - It has been many weeks - and the game was on! The ride started with what seemed like 30 riders. I am about mid pack in this pic.

A Master Says Faster props go out to the return of David Mark and his return from knee surgery. David hurt his knee training for the Triatholon World's in Norway where he was representing the US. Today, he was peddling effortlessly - the guy is a stud!
Adam showed up (and fell off!) on his new bike - This bike is super dope - A worthy ride-the paint job is amazing and the wheels are where it's at - and so is the picture taking.

The ride was super fast and quickly the race team was all that was left. There were about 15 or so all in our kits - It looked pro - We needed Red Bull hand-ups! I rode my cross bike and surprisingly held strong the whole ride - although I was out-geared for the sprint points. My highlight was on the outer road to Clayton and I was second in line behind Joe Nalley going super strong straight into the wind (who is about 5'5" and weighs 140) so I was like, "he can't be that good of a draft" so I pulled out pass on the last hill - super early - and the wind smacked me - so I put in overdrive and started to peeter out as the train flew past me - luckily I was able to jump on the back!
In addition - with all the shit on the rode - we finished pretty down and dirty

Tomorrow - Knucklehead is on! - the temp will be in the 40's - And I am $35 into Hillsboro and Froze Toes is a couple of weeks away - Let the racing begin.

Monday, February 2, 2009

This weekend was a bust

Well.. nothing to report except what the title says. This weekend was the big warm up with temps almost to 50. On Saturday morning I spun at The Hub and in the afternoon went on a nice 20 mile ride to get my haircut. Sunday was also nice but I could not ride and tonight I just got home from work and Andy and I bagged on our night ride due to too much ice. Thus I am sitting here adding to the bust of the weekend.

I was humored by Trebon taking out a camera man at Worlds in Belgium. I was hoping he could take the Kona and the US Championship and spank some Dutch ass, but he was forced to drop out after two laps. I tried to find a picture of the crash but was unsuccessful. I did find a crappy and humorous photo of me at Forest Park Crit.
The question is where am I - well that is my arm, third in line. I know you cannot see me - pretty funny. That race was fun. The Hub worked great as a team, constantly launching attacks the entire race, always at the front. On one of the laps deep into the race, a few Hubbers attacked and I heard one Big Shark Guy yell, "Shit, there they go again!" With that, I'm looking forward to Froze Toes. The race calendar came out and I need to start scouting my races. I already have dibs in Hillsboro!