Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wanna see my new shit for 2011?

It's so nice to have warm weather! What a long winter. I have not felt like I have near the racing form to spend money - although my riding and training have been strong and steady. What is keeping me back is my weight - I am starting this season heavy - and when ever you are a little heavy, you feel heavy. The rides I have done to see where my fitness level is have gone just fine. The last Saturday Hub ride I felt great and I was able to finally able to do a Wednesday Night ride. The Wed. night ride has historically been a very fast ride and is a great test to see where you are. I rocked the shit out of this rideas guys were falling off going up Conway, I finished with about 6 other guys - it was a great feeling. This Tuesday night will be my first TNW training crit and I am looking forward to it. After the race we are going to see Subhumans and their famous song Mickey Mouse if Dead and MDC (Millions of Dead Cops) and their famous song John Wayne was a Nazi. Aside from group rides, I have been commuting regularly and today I rode with Phil and Andy into a 30 mph wind for 35 miles - it smoked me! The new Hub travel racing jersey finally came inThanks Dave Smith! I think this jersey increased my power by 15 watts!

OK - my new shit.

First Bikes: (isn't it what this is all about)

Number 1: Race Bike!

I know - sweet. 2011 Giant TCR Advanced - Sram Force Group - Zipp Stem - 3T Ergosum Bars - Reynolds Wheels = FAST! This bike rides so nice - it just flies and I look so good on it!

Number 2: Classic Track Bike - finally 100% finished!

I know - Sweet. 1988 Faggin Columbus - Campagnolo pantographed crankset - Campagnolo fluted seatpost - 3TTT Track Bars - 3TTT pantographed stem - Selle Italia Turbo saddle and Campagnolo Record high flange 36 track hubs laced to Mavic Open 4 rims (even has Campagnolo lock ring, 15 cog and track nuts!) - and finally I got vintage Gem tape and 3TTT bar plugs (overkill - I think not!)

Number 3: Zipp 404 tubular Rear wheel

I know sweet. I finally got my rear Zipp wheel laced up after I switched out the powertap - I still need to get A front.

Number 4: Niterider HID light

This thing is awesome and the best part - I only paid $40 for it - Nice!

OK - enough gloating - now back to riding!
An aside - Judy and I went to Chicago to see Keith Morris and his new band OFF! - Fucking amazing! Anyway - after the concert, we were walking around this neighborhood in Chicago (not the best) and we walked by this one bar, which was mostly windows, and they were showing full blown 70's porn - you could see it from the street - so we had to go in!
Yes, the chick is giving John Holmes head.