Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Winter Training so far is BEER!

HUB CRAWL -2010!

The Riding Element:
Winter has hit us good. In one week we went from shorts to freezing. Still continue to commute. This time of year is tough on the commuting - you leave for work and the temp is below freezing and there is frost on the ground (Damn - I should have taken a picture of the first frost) and you leave to go home and it is in the 50's. It's hard to know how to dress. Also, with the turn in temp. it just feels freezing so I dress over warm.

The only big rides I have done is the Hub ride on Saturday. Good times - always fast - don't know why. I am joining Club Fitness this weekend and start my Chris Maleski weight workout - so many Hub guys have joined, its pretty cool. I need to get on a good winter workout so I can start strong in March - after all I will have my new bike!

The Drinking Element:
On a side note - on the night ride we do on Tuesday, soon to be Thursday, we often ride the old Maplewood ride. It is truly one of my favorite routes. Start at the Hub, through Maplewood, up Southwest to Arsenal - to Grand to Russell, through Soulard, up Broadway all the way to Holly Hills. Holly Hills is a really short but super steep two tier hill. It is always a sprint to the top, and a regroup before we head to Carondolet Park and back to Webster by means of the River Des Peres Trail. At the top of Holly Hills, there is a little hole in the wall, South city bar called - The Little Bar. Everytime we go by it, I always say we need to stop. Judy and I went out Saturday night and Phil and Steph went home, but we were in the mood to go out - so... The Little Bar. It was so hoosier, it was a blast. The gal bartending weighed about 200 lbs plus and had a spaghetti top on with her belly hanging out the bottom. Judy ordered a Vodka/Cranberry and she made it so strong, Judy got ploughed!

Many people have asked - what did the Jersey Shore/Shnookie looking chick who flashed her titties at us at Off Broadway really look likethanks to Kevin for the pic!

Bartender at Mexican restaurant, Smith Patrick Rules, LLC, and Ron Clipp Rules!
Well the rain really sucked on this day. We were expecting a huge turn-out, but the weather really sucked - we were under a tornado advisory, sirens and everything. In attendance was - Andy, Ron, Bryan, Devin, Bitch Tits, Matthew, Kevin, Rock, Dave Smith, Mark Gowler, and Eric Dreamweaver. It was a great crew. What a blast it was to shoot the shit with our team. What I like about the Hub is that, at least at the Cat 3-4 level, our team is tight. Even though we are expanding numbers at the Cat 1-2 level, I hope we keep the Cat3-4 level small and tight. This is what makes The Hub an envied team and what makes people want to join us Started out at The Hub with beer - went to the Mexican place in Webster for Margaritas. The bartender gave everyone a complimentary one or two patron shots for Thanksgiving - NICE

From there went to the 61 Roadhouse and beat the rain by one minute. There was a killer band playing oldies - all these fat over fifty chick parting it up and the Tour de France crew (that's what the band called us). We put so many pitchers away, I fucking lost count. It was extreme. If I said 20 pitchers - that would not be an exaggeration. Every time I looked up, my glass was full. We were up dancing with women - having a blast. . Although I don't know what the bar bill was - I sure it was over $300 - but our sponsor Smith Patrick picked up the bill!

From there we went to Llewelyn's. Ron Clipp and The Hub bought the pitchers - but we were close to closing time and they were dicks. What place sells you two pitchers and than bitches at you for not drinking them fast enough - Fuck Llewelyn's. I really miss not getting kicked out of Tower Pub this year. Next year, we will have to double up at Tower Pub until we get arrested.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pussy Power!

Good week for riding - the weather is just starting to turn - It's almost thanksgiving and I have just taken out the long pants! Gotta love global warming.

Still commuting - even in the cold. Today was the first really cold morning - frost on the ground etc.
Rode both days after work - the first Tuesday , Jeff and I just killed it - we did the Carmen loop and averaged over 18 mph, just the two of us. There was a good headwind going out Clayton and by the time we got to whatever road we turn on to go by Queeny Park, we had a 19.8 average - Shit, it's November! On Thursday, Bryan joined us and once again, no rest for the weary. Yeah, I know - good times.

Finally over the weekend it turned cold! Now, I'm thinking cyclocross. I did Bubba in the Seminary - Man, this was the best course I have ever rode on. It just suited me. Two stairs run-ups, fast flat section, a set of jumps and a really fun single track section - a complete blast! Props to the guys who set up this course. The best was I felt in the mix - which makes for fun racing. My race came down to the final lap (Finally I did not get lapped) and this one guy, we were back and forth the whole race, working hard and passing and dropping a few people. On the third to last lap, I let him stay up front the whole time, keeping right on his wheel, making him work. With two to go I passed him and tried to drop him, but failed - AHHH! Now we're seeing the Pussy Power connection! On the last lap, he passed me on a good move on the hill and when we had to jump the log, I screwed up and lost his wheel. He got a gap on me, and I could not catch him. I tried to get up to him on the final stair run-up and could not and he took me at the line by 10 feet. That's what I like about cross - even if I far from winning, those little battles make you feel part of the action. I do not know how much more cross I will do - but if this is the last, it was a good one to go out on.

Did the night ride on Tuesday - did the old Maplewood ride - had a blast - a beautiful night.On the ride was Andy, Alex, Loren and two other guys.

On Monday night we went to Off Broadway to see Tyler's band: Riley James and the Badmen play. The main act was the dude from MXPX in a band called Tumbledown - they were super good. It was a ripe old Hub party - Andy, Ron, Kevin, Loren, Greg, Devin, Eric, Alex - super fun. I became a surreal night. Besides the militant pussy power lesbians, someone cut themselves from a broken glass so there was a pool of blood on the dance floor - a fat slobbering drunk chick that looked like Snookie from Jersey Shore (Fat and shoved into a skin tight dress) came up to us, hung on me and told all of us to live our lives to the fullest. She got so carried away, she flashed us her tits! By the end of the night, we saw her passed out in a chair in the back of the bar. We had a great time.

The track bike is getting that much closer to completion. I was able to sell some cross tires and this is what I gotI know, it's 3TTT pretty! Now for some 3TTT track bars.
Next Up - The Hub Crawl next Wed - PARTY!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cycling, Boob grabbing and the One Kid

Man- it has turned cold in the morning! I got to admit I have been quite the pussy when it has come to commuting. My resolve took a blow as the temps dipped into the 30's. It will be turned around next week. Overall, my cycling has sucked this week. I missed out on anything Sunday, missed my Tuesday/Thursday rides, even missed the Sat Hub Ride (It was 27 degrees) - overall - really suck ass.

Although this has nothing to do with cycling - it does involve some good cycling friends. Me, Judy, Phil, and Stephanie went to see Suicidal Tendencies! It was a thrash zone - Boob grabbing concert! Playing was Fuck Off and Die, Death Before Dishonor, HED PE and Suicidal. Although Cyco Mike has aged and the band was one of the largest thrash metal bands I have seen, they were super energetic and played for a solid two hours. We had a great spot, just outside the rim of the thrash pit. When they play I want More - followed up with I shot the Devil - I had to throw down - and yes - I am getting a little old for that shit.

On Thursday I took Isabella to cross practice at Forest Park - Had a wicked good time. Bella was so funny and had a blast. She is a tough little girl - she had one good crash, scrapping her leg - and after a few tears, got right back up and went on. On our last lap, we went up one steep hill, and I got to the top and yelled, without looking back, "if it gets too steep, get off and walk!" Right behind me came a voice - "Dad, I'm right behind you!" Although the crowd was sparse, Matthew and Bryan were out there for The Hub.

On Sunday we took the tandem on Cranksgiving. Cranksgiving is a ride where you cycle from store to store and grab food to donate to the poor...and grab other things Isabella and I rode the tandem and Judy rode her road bike. Bella was a blast on the back of the bike. We did the middle route and altogether rode 20 miles and got a lot of food for people in need. Our group was huge - made up mostly of Team Rev. Overall, it was a good time!
I'm dying to get my track bike put together so I can start riding it during the winter - It looks sooooo cool!