Monday, December 20, 2010

Good people-Good Times-Cold Weather

It has turned very cold - a lot of ice on the roads. Riding in the cold weather sucks. I joined Club Fitness to start my Chris Mileski workout from last year. My goal has been three times a week, but so far, I'm at a regular two. I forgot how much I hate lunges! I've also been pretty irregular on the trainer! I so hate the trainer! I rode outside for the first time in a couple of weeks with Phil, Stephanie, Suzanne, Theresa, and Jamie I stole the photo from Suzanne's facebook because, like a dumbass, I forgot to take a pic while riding.

Since this is the holiday season, good times have still been going on after The Hub Crawl with my fellow cyclists. For the most part, cyclists are great people, many becoming good friends and hanging around them is always a good time. The good times were had at Matthew's 40th Birthday Party at Lleweyln's!!! Not to bash on Matthew - but dammit - one more guy faster than me going into Masters! We had a blast and I was pacing myself just fine until Ron bought the shots! Present was Ron, Andy, Kevin, Dave Smith - and of course Matthew - Happy Birthday Brother.

And Finally - The Hub Christmas Party the second most anticipated day of the cycling year. In attendance - everyone of importance! The Hub of course was out in force - along with Team Rev, Mesa, Big Shark, Gog Fish, Team Segall - truly a party. Ron did get pissed at me when I chucked a piece of cheese across the room and hit him in the head - of all people - lighten up! Santa showed up and Taylor, Kate's husband Mike and Bitch Tits played for the crowd - it was awesome. Overallm, the party was tame - the jello wrestling did not happen and Ron did not bit this year! I got home early - around 3:00 and I woke up at a descent time - vomited a few times and was on the bike to ride by 11:00!

Happy holidays to all who read this crappy blog!
Oh - I did get a special present for myself - but you will have to wait until after Christmas.