Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Not quite all of the 7 deadly sins = suffering & disappointment

Ok - my extended vacation over the summer was not sinful, but in the cycling world, it definitely has caused me pain and disappointment.

The seven deadly sins committed: Pride, Envy, Sloth, Greed, and GluttonyOh yeah, and lust too, but that probably helped me keep thin!

So How has this affected me --- Well, In June, I believed I hit a new plateau which has all but fallen.
Wed. Night Hub ride was my first team ride back - I made it to... Clayton. That's right, dropped like a leaf. Wow, I leave for a month and The Hub Racing Team has turned into the long lost gay program of Rock Racing - no wonder I was dropped.If you think Florida is hot - Holy Crap - St. L was 100 degrees at 6:00 pm.
Saturday was my second team ride and I made it to Conway (a lot farther) and was dropped again.
It was really fun to get back to doing what I like - I need to work on the performance aspect of it. I hope my weight will drop quickly and my ability return.

The disappointment aspect involves Gateway Cup. Truly my favorite weekend of the year - however, I think I will bow out. It is too expensive to be pack fodder. If Gateway was in June - I would be drooling, but the way I am doing right now, I would be throwing money away. I might do Lafayette because it is so fun racing at night, but we will see if I can get some speed back.

Now the happy part.

On Sunday, Judy and I did the Urban Assault - A great time. Our theme this year - Dora and Diego.
The only negative was no costume contest - WTF - We were the reigning champs from last year - and would have won this year. Also, I was amazed how many people had no fucking clue who Dora or Diego are. I mean, I get the no kids thing - but it is Dora, come on. Our stops this year were Mesa, REI, Big Shit, City Museum, City Garden, Bicycle Works, FoPo Holiday Inn. We cycled, we played, we rode Big Wheels, we drank New Belgiuma great time. Super Props to Judy for finishing the course with a 12 pound helmet in 95 degree temps!

On Tuesday, Jeff and I began our after school rides. I miss Michael, my friend. it was a great ride, rode the Carmen loop.
Jeff is riding so strong.

On a super positive note - my shit seems to be getting re-born. I got new cranks for free from Zipp and Garmin is sending me a new Edge 500 at no cost. My new cranks are bad-ass for sure.