Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rockin it

I know it's been a couple of weeks - my wife and I went to Vegas for the week! Here is a picture from the Playboy Club. This chick's- I mean bunny's - tits were so big and sticking straight out - Judy and I could have used them for a dinner table and had a 7 course meal on them and still had room.

Ever since I have returned from Vegas, I have been feeling great. I have been getting faster with less effort and dropping a couple of lbs, I went to track last Thursday and did great. I raced a 5 lap Scratch and a 7 and 8 lap Tempo race. Judy and I rode to the track and it turned out to be a beautiful night. Judy took some great pictures of a race - here they are - I think I came in forth - but really seventh because I did not pick up any points until the end.

My rides with the Hub, which provides a nice measure of my abilty, have been awesome. The Saturday and Sunday we returned I overslept - Vegas - but last Saturday I got out. It was a fast ride, but I was feeling really strong. I was able to cover every break and kept with the lead group - I felt really good. As we turned on Geyer I had a flat - AHHHH! - everyone slowed up, but I told them all to go, fixed the flat and rode in. Still a good ride. After the ride I went to the Bread Co. with Phil, Stephanie, Bill, Todd, Matthew and Steve.

Today I did the Wednesday Night Throwdown. It was super fast - 21.2 average with 266 avg. watts. Once again I felt great. I moved up to front on Clayton - unheard of I know - I was up front for a huge chunk of the ride. I struggled a tad on Conway, but that was just because of a huge acceleration by Brad (I found out later), but I was able to recover. The whole ride felt great. I am looking forward to Gateway and doing some racing.

Tomorrow I will be doing track again and next week I plan on racing TNW.

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