Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Getting Ready For Webster Crit

Rocking and Rolling since I last posted.

Did Tuesday Night Worlds and had my best finish - It felt good to be sprinting in the finish and not falling off the back with 3 to go. 24.6 mph and 256 avg. watts. I rode down and back with Tim - I forgot to take any pics - so sorry. It was a small Hub crew - Me, Tim, Kevin and Greg.

Wednesday Hub Throwdown - This ride is just getting wicked fast. It was super fast and I fell off the back on Conway - just a little. This ride has a zero warm-up. I swear, guys were sprinting going up Lockwood. The group was super huge many fast cats - it seems like more and more Cat 1-2's are showing up and laying smack down on me! Going down Litzsinger, there is a sharp right and left S-curve right after a downhill - speeds around the curves are around 30mph easily. Also, this is the finale for the ride and guys can get pretty aggressive. Going into the second turn, Caleb took the turn wide and went right off the road - over a metal guard rail he hit it just perfect and his leg hit the metal post holding it up - his leg was toastblood everywhere, etc. 911 was immediately called - it was a mess. Thank God Dr. Eaton was on the ride - Kevin was calling for a Tourniquet and a crankset with rings for a amputation! BTW - Caleb is doing OK!

After the ride, we had our Hub team meeting - which really consists of Ron trying to talk, nobody listening, and everybody drinking a lot of beer emphasis on the beer. For Webster I think I am going to race Masters +40. It's fast, It's old, it's early in the day!

I missed track on Thursday and everything just kindof mellowed out - did some solo riding and that is about it. We have had a lot of thunderstorms and rain. The Saturday group ride was cancelled as a monster storm rolled in. I was getting cabin fever and was determined to ride knucklehead for Father's day. It was wet, but just roads - no rain. It was a really small group - going short was Matthew, Chuck and a Big Shark dude. On the way back we picked up Eddy, Tim and two other guys, doubling our number. Sorry - forgot to take a pic - it was wet after all!

Had to skip Tuesday Night Crits - I was so smoked from working on my deck. I rode the Hub ride today and it was super fast. The were so many fast dudes I swear I almost puked. Oh well - I am alive.

Here is the Show Me St. Louis Track clip web address:
I could not figure out how to actually post it - sorry.

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